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All on the wrong trail                                                                           Sunday , 24 January 2010

   The saying 'All Cretenzers are liars’  by the Cretenzer Epimenides* is anti-derived of Epimenides himself*. At best the saying is 50% (½) true, or not true*, but most remarkable in the saying is that the truth becomes reality in an anti-inductive manner, in the aftermath. From a mathematical point of view this phenomenon* is intuitively associated with the 3rd road*, a condition which is solely associated with time*. It means we are just an integrated part of nature, which can only exist as product of will and imagination*. But is is also the same time dependency that has been given man, anti-derived of himself, a wrong idea of its existence and its science. It has created ‘Seinsver-gessenheit’* allowing nature (us, everything, everybody) to become a completely not understood 'Ding an sich'*.
  Logical-positivists like most beta-scientists  follow the saying ‘what is, is’**, but according to Epimenides they are with only ½ of the truth on the wrong trail*. Because also everything that is, is not. Above all it is a path with no return*. With Epimenides, and anti-derived of ourselves, we can only conclude that “beta's are on the wrong trail”. But we admit that highly presumable the notion will bypass our well-paid ‘thinkers in ignorance’ because as logical-positivists they are condemned to think that everything exists. We are pleased not having to be part of them because everything “precedes even the smallest*. Everything is an illusion and strictly spoken even time is an illusion. That is why we start out with Euro 40.000,- to challenge that well-believing scientist who will be able to reject that fact (sponsors are welcome**).  
    It is well accepted that scientists are dependent on the anonymous opinion of their colleagues to have their ideas financed. And these, intuitively knowing that question like ethics and moral are pure academic, will not hesitate to lend it an ‘anti-self derived advice. The result is that in the end exactly the best rejectable science there is will prevail. Thus, more than another religion today’s science can’t be*. And that is exactly what no scientist dares to say aloud at the expense of loosing a warm evening meal and equal bed*. That is why we say it. En then it appears that beta’s with their empirical methods, severely contaminated  by induction, are not more than creationists of a concipiated reality. Maybe from here on man is condemned to perspectivism*.