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Illusion en intuitionism: Tertium Datur


   We don’t know wow the real world looks like because the 4-D 3-Sphere we live in is closed and connected. Imagine in a 3-Sphere a collision between an active 4-D surface generated by the singularity H ltr(-)/mol (gram), and a passive (inert) earth 2-D surface generated by the ‘absurd’ 2-D singularity ΔH (fig.1). These surfaces show what induction is about because in both surfaces the absence  of string H is expressed (Maxwell). Theoretically the active 3-D surface disappears in the inert surface, and the passive surface disappears in the active. The choking heat for both cases is 2.7Ltr/C, thus net zero!. Colliding however is not allowed because the earth radius would have to increase as in an ideal 3-Sphere circle*** with 16.67cm (100/6). As 3th road** solution we therefore get

an induced 3-D rejection that will be felt like gravity G. Indeed as illusion because de facto our 3-D world stays put* because both ener-

gies´match. It shows that it is in our 3-D world itself wherein Plato’s ideas of ideal imaginations become generated.  


Induction** plays a major role in the evolution of nature.  It is caused by string H creating a 4-D 3-Sphere from scratch, which cannot return from ‘4-D’ because there is a mismatch between a 3-D molH (gram), seen from ‘2-D’, and a 3-D mol3H volume (18ml), seen from 4-D. DH starts to circulate between ´2-D´ and ´4-D´ and that hat allows nature to exploit the excess 3-D ‘energy and volume’ to create by permutation and recombination a product of will and imagination* in the genome that is anti-derived of an ‘absurd’ product. It gives us in our 3-D dielectrisch vacuum** an idea of time. It is a kind of RC-time constant that lasts for a period of t=6.10(23) sec*. H subdivides the space ltr(-1)  of the 4-D 3-Sphere in smaller becoming sub-spaces according to the absurd Achilles/Turtle algorithm* (fig.3) in logarithmic ratio of 1 in 10. It yields by genomic permutation and recombination a complete illusion of sun, moon, stars, etc. because all ‘information’ in the world has to pass our 3-D world as time-palimpsest** from the absurd.

A description of a number of these illusions and aperies* like sun, 9 planets, 90 (+3) elements, water, ice,  liars-paradox etc. Is given below.


Aperies and illusions:


1 Gravity                                    5 Water as anti-derivative    

2 The unmoved mover                 6 DNA

3 Sun, planets, elements              7 Leugenaarsparadox


4 Physical constants as anti-

  derivatives of itself