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The illusion DNA as anti-derivative of itself


Intuitively DNA must be the anti-derivative of itself because tech- niques like electrophoreses  and PCR are deployed with its untang-ling, closed systems wherein ΔH supplies the choking-energy. Human genome contains 18.10(3) genes per 6.10(9) DNA nucleotiden which yields 1grammole e(-) in 3-D as measure for the absence of string H (H=1, fig.1). Its anti-derivative determines the ‘choking heat’ I(2)xRxt in the nucleosoom at a moment when ever-ything stays put in 3-D*. ‘Choke current’ I appears to be  1 per +/-sec per moleH, and the sec is therefore the single real entity in our furthermore totally illusive world*, at this very moment, everything else being an illusion. (b) The ratio ΔH/H (=1) is subjected to a identity-shift in the nucleosome. ‘Current’ changes into ‘capacity’*  when, admittance, everything is 0 (only the beta-scientist believes the ratio is 6). By the shift in Faraday’s constant from 10(4)C in 4-D to 10(6)C in 2-D*  it is possible that 4-D ΔH can be choked in 3-D as absurd inert 2-D force by a 10-fold ‘energy’ difference. F is 10(6) C in 2-D. This 3-D smoking of inert ‘potential energy’ by ‘active kinetic energy* generates the illusion of motion**, the worlds steps one second back while nature can step 1sec forward*. From an analytical point of view we are therefore, due to induction, a 3-D “Ding an Sich”*, or 3rd road., there is nothing to say about that*.


  The rest is simple. By induction the biochemist get an idea of the nucleosome as smallest ‘organized’ genomic unit (fig.2a). A choke-coil with energy conversion proportional to the  number of windings (1.65μ). (b)  A single strand RNA is choked as illusion in double strand DNA (plasmid in small organisms). (c) DNA divides a single 3-D space logarithmically in a ratio of 1 in 10 using a ‘non-existing’ 22RNA-string. Thus DNA and RNA are both illusions (d) The redox ‘potential’ is, as expected, 0.81Volt. Finally, (f-g) the ratio of DNA (“e” = 2.718) is complementary with the volume of 3-D ‘H2O’ (18ml), showing ΔH supplies the choking-energy. We conclude that  also the illusion DNA is an anti-derivative of itself.