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The absurd: Reductio ad absurdum   

wpf689b894.png Logics           Beta-scientists like like mathematicians, physicists and biologists  generate knowledge about the world around us but that doesn’t say anything about our ontological origin***. Solving Poincaré’s 3-D conjecture, a 1 million dollar challenge, it is difficult to escape that conclusion. In solving it we end up in a “reductio ad absurdum”, an absurd 3-D world, your world, which is characterized by an abstract inverse 3-D experience of a space blown up to almost endless proportions along a linear time scale.  A minor will have no difficulty at all in this closed (everybody and everything is coupled) intuitive space with the following mathematical algorithm: Achilles and the Turtle*. But it is a pain in the neck for a logical positivistic educated beta. Because intelligent en math* are humane inventions and as such they play no role in our furthermore perspectivistic world*. The solution of Poincaré‘s conjecture brought about by mathematicians* has some value in mathematics of man, it doesn’t say anything about the intuitive world, driven by induction, we perceive**.Beta-scientists are mislead in their analytical work by induction, validating the philosophical presumptions** that they are offending the surround with pure human logic. For those entertaining a similar point of view we throw a one million dollar party, sponsored by the mathematicians*.  

Space and Time         Poincaré’s conjecture states we end up with a conventional 3-D world  when a loop on the surface of a 4-D 3-Sphere (a globe) is reduced twpb2872cb7.png o a point. That 3-D world contains all the properties of the surrounding 4-D and 2-D worlds which means that the 3-D world must be an  anti-world or illusion. As reality it cannot at the same time join the 2-D and 4-D world Without changing their properties*. Therefore the reduction must yield an absurd illusive world connecting the 2 others. And the 3-Sphere must be closed because al 3-D ‘energy’ (=information) must be exchanged with the 2- and 4-D worlds on a basis of time (it simply means that all information must pass the genome). In that condition the 2-D en 4-D worlds are fully informed. A similar idea has been forwarded by Einstein, from a quasi 3-D point of view.  In a 4-D 3-Sphere however is the 3-D space we are entitled to, which is also th space in Poincaré's conjecture, a space of 18ml from a 4-D point of view. Or it is a space of 1cm(3) from a 2-D point of view. That space is not moving at all*, allowing the exchange of static en kinetic energy driven by the absurd.  As illusion we belong to the absurd. Only our sense of time is real*.