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   The best world* this very moment is a composition of falling atoms ΔH* (=H), sent from an absurd nothingness* into roulette like spaces (36ml)*, while creating notable misery*. Associated numbers suggest the existence of dimensions, volumes and energies but only the time is real. Time is driven by induction. Each time nature (including us) composes a given 3-D ‘energetic number combination’ in the 3-D ‘di-electric vacuum’ the time proceeds with 1sec. The combination interferes with the activity of the singularity H ‘somewhere’ ‘in the absurd. Simultaneously the time steps back with 1sec in our future anti-world. This inter-ference with the ‘flow or current of information’ from the absurd in the 3-D interface (the genome) suggests the existence of ‘distances’ of H (108pmtr) and ΔH (18pm) in a ‘water molecule’ (fig.1). H/ΔH becomes 6. Mere suggestions because  ΔH/H (=1) as well as the genome are both anti-derivatives of themselves**.


Numbers and dimensions don’t exist

  Intervention however yields more than only suggestions of numbers* or dimensions*. Perception relates to time and there-fore everything like the sun, moon, stars, gravity, elements etc., are right now, in this very moment 3-D illusions. The 3-D space is already known as nothingness*’, le Néant*, of di-elektric vacuum*, while it is also the 3-D space in Poincaré's conjecture*. Thus, from an ontological point of view we stem from nothingness. And with that* disappears at the same time  the positivistic logic of the beta-scientist, God’s own substitute*, into the same nothingness. Literally  as in a deep (we presume) eddy* (of prime numbers?)**. From now on a crisis in the foundations of the beta sciences is a fact.

    Another example of ‘number illusion’ is the Taylor series of the base number e of natural logarithm (fig.2). An ‘induction current’ yields for the first 6 numbers the 3-D suggestions of Avogrado’s-* and Faraday’s constant (10(5)C*, fig.2), molar weight 1 of H, and electron charge* (C), being all number illusions from a combined 2-D- (3) en 4-D (6) space. It shows number 1 is an invention mathematicians. It means that math doesn’t exist in nature*. The base number e* solely exists because mathematicians intermingle with the 0 (/sec!) information flow through the 3-D surface. It forces ΔH/H to become lnx instead of 1, which causes identity change of the ‘constant variable’* codon into a ‘variable constant’ codon. This number illusion furthermore suggest the presence of information contingencies* (‘energy’) in the 3-D dielectric vacuum. Prime numbers possibly can shed some light on it.